Contact Lens, Slideshow #2


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World's first contact lenses, 1887, Deutsches Museum 1950 Haptic lenses, preformed Blown glass scleral lenses from F Ad Muller Sohne of Wiesbaden C Davis Keeler, London. Left lens looks like it was made from impression, possibly an oval optic. Right lens looks like high minus or a divers lens Two glass, possibly Zeiss, scleral lenses with suction holder supplied by Kunzler in Heidelberg, Germany, 1940s, Museum of Vision Glass scleral lenses by Theodore Hamblin London, mid-20th C, BOA Museum Scleral lenses fitted by Sohnges Optic Brienner Strasse Munich, Museum of Vision Scleral lens supplied by Contacta Fitting Institute on the Koenigstrasse, Stuttgart. Part of the Adolf Muller Welt Organization which opened in 1950. L1010471, courtesy of Dr. Hans-Walter Roth Scleral lenses, possibly PMMA, American maker, circa 1940 Scleral lenses with large optic zones + suction holder date and maker unknown

Metal casts for thrusting through a sheet of PMMA or glass to form a contact lens Pair of scleral lenses by Theodore Hamblin, London. Possibly before 1937 Pair of scleral lenses by unknown maker,  fenestrated, for better tear exchange Omega Contact Lens Ltd., corneal fitting set, 1950, Ramstein Collection, Basel Scleral lens fitting set from Muller Sohne Wiesbaden Contact lens cases, no identification Japanese trial lens fitting set Nippon Contact Lens Research Institute Corneal lens, power -3.00,  Base curve 8.50 from the Nippon Contact Lens Research Institute, a company that became Menicon Inside trial lens set, see previous several images

Haftglas, made by Carl Zeiss, c 1920 lenticulated, fenstrated scleral lenses, 1950s Manchester (UK), contact lens se Early iris lens, molded PMMA, 1940s Zeiss trial set, glass contacts, Royal College of Ophthalmologist Stamp honoring Contacts, 1958, 1st Afro-Asian Congress of Ophthalmology

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