Contact Lens-Slideshow #1


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Water-filled tube microscope/device (contact lens) of Thomas Young (1773-1829) Sir John Herschel (1792-1871), courtesy of National Portrait Gallery House of Frederick Mueller (1862-1939) and brother August Muller (1864-1949) in Wiesbaden Adolf Eugen Fick (1852-1937) Eugene Kalt (1861-1941) August Muller (1864-1949)  Ernst Abbe (1840-1905)  Adolf Muller Welt (1904-1972)  Josef Dallos  (1905-1979) Theo Obrig (1896-1967)

Kevin Tuohy (1921-1968)  Heinrich Wöhlk (1913-1991 Neill, Sohnges and Dickinson at the White House 1962 Norman G Gaylord (1923-2007) Otto Wichterle (1913-1998) and Martin Pollack of NPDC Ken O'Driscoll John deCarle Geoff Galley Michael Bay Ron Hamilton

Newton K Wesley (1917-2011), had keratoconus and with George Jesson (1916-1987) worked out how these distorted eyes could be successfully fitted with contacts. They formed Wesley Jesson in Chicago. William Feinbloom (1870-1940), developed the first contact with glass and plastic Tim Bowden Muller blown lenses Zeiss lenses Dallos Plaque MIA Lens also known as Dana Lens Purevision and Night & Day Lenses Aculens Cavendish Square, London where Dallos was installed in the first contact-lens-only practice in the UK in 1937

SPOFA lens, made by Otto Wichterle in the early 60s. The test tube had to be broken and the contents spilt out into a Petri dish, ensuring no glass splinters. The lens was then soaked for several hours in saline to stabilize the parameters as lens was stored in the test tube in distilled water of different pH Very early version of the Meccano set device Otto Wichterle used to make the world's first usable soft lenses on his kitchen table on Christmas Day 1961. All homemade, it was powered by the dynamo from his son's bike. Photo at the International Library and Museum of Optometry, St Louis. Later version of the Meccano device with more spindles to make more lenses at the same time. This needed a stronger, more powerful motor so Otto cannibalized his record player!  Photo taken at a Congress of the Czech Contact Lens Association.

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