Publicity About our International Project, 2007

News Articles

The Sun Chronicle The Sun Chronicle, Living Well Section, 9/30/2007, PDF file
Courtesy of The Sun Chronicle, copyright 2007
Linn's Stamp News, 9/17/2007, PDF file
Country Home, September 2007, PDF file
July 2007 EyeNet Magazine, July-August 2007, Letter to the Editor, PDF file
  INsights of the Cornea Associates of Texas, Spring 2007 issue reprinted the crossword puzzle from the Education and Games section of the website.
Ladante_green.jpg (44242 bytes) La Dante Newsletter, March-April 2007, printed an article regarding the website and Professor Rosolino LaMattina's newly published book.
The Boston Post Gazette printed an article in March 2007 about the Antique Spectacles website and also about Professor Rosolino LaMattina's newly published book.
  The Rehoboth Antiquarian Society News, Volume 22, Number 6, September 2007, published an extensive article about the History of Spectacles and the Antique Spectacles website.
The American Optician (OAA) Newsletter, Winter 2007, featured an article about the website, PDF file

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