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The Ocular Heritage Society

The Ocular Heritage Society is composed of members who appreciate, conserve and collect items relating to the ophthalmic sciences. Many are accomplished historians specializing in such topics as spectacles, quackery, instrumentation and the personalities of the ophthalmic sciences. The group's annual meeting is the highlight of the year for the Society members.

The Society website at http://members.aol.com/mesda/  is clean and practical! The homepage offers a large picture which, along with the subtle background, clearly visualizes the purpose of the Society. A simple welcome and a clear e-mail address where visitors can get more information makes it very simple. Links are provided for more information on OHS, their annual meeting, and how to join. There is also a link page to a number of subject-related sites. Nothing fancy, but a site which probably serves the group very well. For more information contact valdatull@suscom.net  or visit the website.

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