Publicity About the SIGHT Film Project

Sight: The Story of Vision” is a groundbreaking public television documentary project whose major story threads are Science, Medicine, Technology, and Humanity. The primary goal of the documentary SIGHT, with narrator Sir Elton John, and associated planetarium film SEEING, with narrator Neil deGrasse Tyson, is to educate and inform the general public worldwide that vision is every human’s most treasured sense.

Sight: The Story of Vision is the first film in history to be broadcast with a color correction (CA) for the color deficient. The film is supported with a free iOS/Android mobile app called Second Screen that delivers synchronized content over the viewer’s mobile devices ( and a companion eBook (  A companion planetarium/VR film narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson titled SEEING: A Photon’s Journey Across Space, Mind and Time, is also available for free download ( It has recently been released by the International Planetarium Society to over 1500 planetariums worldwide.

SIGHT has begun the journey to be broadcast by PBS affiliates across the US and then is expected to go to international broadcasters this year, 2017. Check out This is the most comprehensive project on human vision ever presented to a worldwide public audience.

Koenig Films Press Release regarding Color Blind Assist Feature (CA) of SIGHT film, FIRST EVER in HISTORY, September 2016
Overview of project following the premiere of SIGHT at Vision Expo West, in Vision Monday, September 2016
Vision Monday logo Announcement of SEEING planetarium film release, Vision Monday, December 2016
Opticians Association of Massachusetts Sight Documentary Event-Opticians Association of Massachusetts Annuak Meeting, November 5, 2016
Sharon Advocate-Sharon Eyeglass Aficionado Sees Mass Recognition , March 23, 2017
Pittwire Vision-to-Touch Innovation, Pitt Researchers Featured in Documentary Airing on PBS documentary film draws attention to SIGHT

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